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Grocery Marketplace With Commission Model

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Grocery Marketplace With Commission Model is completed app template in native source code (Android & iOS) built for sellers (individual, store, agency, etc.) to login and post their products ads to buyers. Buyers can browse products and contact sellers for the products. Admin can manage buyers, sellers and products at the backend. The app is built in native, and the backend is written in PHP and MySQL script (use firebase for chat feature). If you want a bigger system like Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc. then contact us for the further customization.

EXPRESS RESKIN: This is an express reskin app (with predefined ready-made UI design) which will be customized from one of our original completed app: Social eCommerce Marketplace With Commission Model. You can click on the link for the description and the real demo of this original app.
100% satisfaction guarantee
  • $2,000 cost cutting
  • 2 months time saving
  • 24 hour reply rule
  • 1 year bug free warranty
  • Optimized & fully tested
  • Available to customize
  • Long-term partnership


  • Login & Register 
  • Edit account 
  • Create new products with GPS supported
  • Manage products
  • Live chat/ messaging with buyers 


  • Login & Register 
  • Browse products by categories, sub-categories, gps-based
  • Search products by various filters 
  • Search for sellers and their products
  • Contact, send message, live chat to sellers 
  • Like, comment or save products to favourite

Admin (backend) 

  • Manage buyers, sellers, products

Commission model:

Sellers will create new products with GPS supported. Products will be displayed immediately on the system so buyers can buy them, and sellers don't have to pay any fee to make the products be displayed on the app.
With this model, the payment between seller & buyer is made inside the app. The app will have a shopping cart, and buyers can choose multiple products from many different sellers. After selecting, buyers can proceed with the payment in the app by PayPal payment gateway. All of the money will be transferred to the admin account, Admin will keep a commission, and the rest will be added to the sellers' e-wallets. After the buyer pays, the seller will receive orders in "My Request" section. Buyers can go to "My Order" to track the status of their orders. The seller can go to the "My Request" section to update the order status so that buyers can follow it.
At the end of the month or when a certain amount is reached, the sellers can send a withdrawal request to the Admin to transfer money from sellers' e-wallet to the bank account or PayPal account of the sellers.

  • This system will be convenient for sellers and buyers so that it will attract more users.
  • Buyers can pay in the app, can buy multiple products from many sellers at once. 
  • Sellers can manage orders on the system, manage income as well as centralize control of customer payments. 
  • Admin can also get more income because when a seller sells a lot of goods, Admin also gets more commission.

  • Admin has to pay more attention to many problems such as complaints, disputes in delivery and receipt. 
  • Admin has to check the system daily to know if there is any withdrawal request of the user to perform withdrawal transactions for users. 
  • In general, this system is more complicated, so Admin will need to spend more time managing the system.


This app is implementing commission model where admin can get more income than subscription model because when a seller sells a lot of products, admin also gets more commission. However, with this model, admin has to pay more attention to many problems such as complaints, disputes in delivery and receipt. If you want the app with Subscription model, you can simply refer to this app instead: Grocery Marketplace With Subscription Model


See our demo videos, screenshots for further understanding. It is recommended to contact us for discussion if you don’t understand how the app works.

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