vLog #4: Google Material Design in Photoshop. Part III: Navigation Drawer

Thursday, November 5, 2015 - In Blogs / Developer learns to design

Learn google material design in photoshop part III: Navigation Drawer

vLog #4: Google Material Design in Photoshop. Part III: Navigation Drawer

This is not a tutorial, course or teaching. This is just a video blog sharing from a developer who is learning to design, so that he can make designs himself for his apps. 

I hope other developers will find it useful and will no longer be afraid of designing; and other designers will give him constructive advice (instead of 'bad' comments)

In this vLog, he is learning to make a Google Material Design in Photoshop. There are more parts of Google Material Design in the coming days. Visit us everyday to catch them.

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Thank you for your attention.

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