Activities Report: May 2015

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In May 2015, 10 new and upgraded apps are completed for sale: wordSearch, fastfood, shopping, etc...

We update our product everymonth. We improve and upgrade the application on a better level to serving the demand of our customers.

In May of this year, there were 10 applications have been improved in terms of interface, functionality. Give customers have more choices for the best.

Fastfood restaurant ios & android apps

  • Descriptions: The app allows restaurant to sell foods online.
  • New features:  Update orders on app for Chef, Delivery man, dashboard on app for Admin, push notification when an order is updated

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Ecommerce shopping ios & android apps

  • Description: The app allows any shop to sell its products online
  • New features: Calculate VAT and Shipping rates, add more options allowing users to select such as Size, Colors, etc.
  • New theme:  Add new themes: blue, pink and yellow themes which is very beautiful


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Music MP3 ios & android apps 

  •  Description:  The app allows users listen to hundreds of songs
  •   New features: Set ringtone for alarm, contact and notification, sort by views, downloads


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Photo Album ios & android apps

  • Description:  The app allows users to see hundreds of photos
  • New features: Sort by views, downloads


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Football 5 European Leagues Live Score Apps

  • Description: Display live scores for 5 leagues: Premier Leagues, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A and Lique1
  • New theme: A “Fifa” theme is made


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News Net Android Apps 

  •  Description: The app allowing users read news from RSS urls every day
  • New features: Push notification for any news updated


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City Information Mobile Apps 

  • Description:  The app displays places, events and products around the city allowing travellers easily find the direction and information of a specific city
  •  New features:   New theme, home pages with featured places, events, products screen


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Find the best places Mobile App

  • Description:  A location-based app allows users to find the best places near current location
  • New features:   Filter, categories and Sub Categories, add to favorite, share places to social site: twitter, facebook, email, etc. Rating, likes count, distance


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Multi Restaurant Mobile App 

  • Description:   A social restaurant app where multiple restaurant owners can create their account and post foods on the system.
  • Features:   Show owners can register account and start creating their restaurant and foods. Public users then can browse and order foods from many restaurants which can be filtered by their current location


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Social Apartment Rental Mobile App

  •  Description:A social real estate app where public users can register to become agents who are able to post apartment rental information.


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