Author: SantosShepard

How To Sell Mobile Apps? – 20 Ways To Generate Money

Selling apps takes work. If you have ever tried to sell an app, then you know there are many things to consider when deciding to buy or not buy an app. Customers need to feel like they are getting something out of their purchase, and if they feel like they’re getting something for their money, […]

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Put Your Business on the Map: Create a Mobile App

You like your mobile phone, be it the iPhone, BlackBerry or Android. It maintains you orderly, linked, and as much as day on what is occurring at the office, in your social life and worldwide. How is a gadget able to provide a lot performance, rewarding the info and home enjoyment requirements of a lot […]

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Benefits of a Mobile App Solution for Your Ecommerce Business

Mcommerce is the new ecommerce. Inning accordance with Company Expert, by the year 2020, mobile business will comprise 45% of the overall ecommerce, which equates to to $284 billion in sales. Thus, having actually a mobile application is essential if you desire your brand name to get to throughout various target markets. Magento is thought […]

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