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UEFA Euro 2016 Football App

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UEFA Euro 2016 (UEFA European Championship) will kick off soon on June 10 in France. This is a huge party for football fans all over the world. Everyone will pay attention to their favorite teams and players. Don’t hesitate to publish this app for this event to attract a lot of users and you can earn money from your admobs account. This app is built in native Android or iOS, the data will automatically be updated instantly (LIVE) thanks to data feeds from The user will be notified instantly for every goals which scored in the live match. We receive any reskin, translation, setup or customization request from you. We commit to fix bugs FREE during this event


App Features:
  • Countdown screen: countdown to the kickoff time
  • Schedules: show all matches’ schedules. You can filter and search for specific match easily
  • Alarming: user can set alarm for each match
  • Standing: user can see teams’ current position, scores, win, lose, draw per group 
  • Match timeline: user can see detail timeline for each match. It will be automatically updated live when the match is occurring.
  • Push notification: user receive push notification for each goals scored. User can turn on/ off this notification for each team.
  • Top scorers: this screen will update the latest top scorers
  • News: user will be updated with latest news relating to the event
  • Admobs integrated

Backend is coded in PHP and MySQL script. The backend will automatically get data from You need to buy your own xmlsoccer key with only €25 for 3 months

We receive any reskin, translation, setup or customization request from you. 

We commit to fix bugs FREE during this event

Avoid copyrighted issues:
  • Dont include word "UEFA", "Euro"
  • Dont include the official logo of the event

Buying Euro app now, you will receive 50% off when buying following apps with the same backend and xmlsoccer key:

Release Notes:
  • Hot fix for android to version 20160625: DOWNLOAD
  • Hot fix for iOS to version 20160625: DOWNLOAD

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Euro 2016 Android App video demo

Euro 2016 iOS app video demo

Theme: Default

Countdown to kick off time
Show 8 groups and members
Group Standing
View standing, position, points, win, lose, draw of each group
Matchs' Schedules
All schedules with filter and search option
Match Timeline
Scores, yellow cards, red cards, substituations are auto updated live when the match occurs
Knock Out phase
When come to knock out phase, matches are displayed in tree view.
User can set alarm for each match
News are from data feed which is determined by the backend
User can set interval for auto update. And also set push notification for favorite team
Backend gets data auto and live from
Backend gets data auto and live from