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Social Voice Blog App Template

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Social Voice Blog is completed app template in native source code for either ios (iphone, ipad, ipod) or android that help you build very nice social audio blog apps. Every user can register, login and record his audio blogs and available on homepage for everyone can hear. The backend is coded in PHP and MySQL. We are available for any support and customization requests


App Features
  • Login: User can register, login to the app
  • Record audio blog: After login, user can record an audio blog and post to the app
  • Like / dislike another record: User can like or dislike other records
  • 6 Categories: Entertainment, Food & Travel, Talent, News & Politics, Business & Tech and Supports

Backend Features
  • Backend helps admin to manage users and records they make
  • Backend is coded in PHP and mySQL

  • I can customize this app to become social video blog, social photo blog, etc. Choose customization package if you want that

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Theme: Default

User can login to post records or like other records
It is free for any user to register
User browses all records at home page with 2 filters: Recent and Popular
Playing screen
User plays any records and he can like or dislike
Entertainment, Food & Travel, Talent, News & Politics, Business & Tech and Supports
Side menus
Access side menus for manage posts or edit profile
User makes a record and post to the app
Choose category for record
After recording, user chooses category to post
Manage posts
User can manage records he made