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Uber Like - Taxi App Template

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Uber Like - Social Taxi Near is completed app template in native source code for either android or ios that help you build Uber style - taxi, cab booking on smartphones. Everyone can be a passenger. And every passenger can become driver after being approved by admin. Passenger sends requests, Driver confirms the request, and the Trip begins. The data is managed at webs-based Backend which is coded in PHP script. We are available for any support and customization requests.


App Features
  • Everyone can register as Passenger and Driver (after admin's approval). Passenger and Driver use the same app.
  • Passenger sends request with Pickup, Destination location and Car type: Sedan 4, SUV 6 or LUX
  • Driver receives request and confirm the arriving
  • Driver arrives Passenger's Pickup, begin the Trips and get paid on the app by the Passenger
  • The system will keep 20% of the Trip fare as the commission. This rate can be configured by the admin
  • Passenger and Driver deposits real money to their balance via Paypal and Stripe (Credit card)
  • Trip fare will be added to Driver balance and deducted from Passenger balance
  • Drivers can withdraw real money from his balance to their PayPal address
  • The app uses Google Map SDK and other Google API Services (Google may charge you for high usage of its API)

Backend Features
  • Admin can manage all passengers, drivers, trips, vehicles, transactions at the backend
  • Admin can track location of Drivers and active Trips via Google map at backend
  • Admin can change rate per km and rate of commission at backend
  • Admin can approve or reject Driver profiles

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Driver and Passenger interaction demo:

Theme: Default

Passenger vs Driver
How passenger and driver interact with each other
How passenger and driver interact with each other
Login Screen
Passenger/Driver can login via social account such as Facebook, Google +
Drawer menu
The drawer menu navigates among screens: home, profile, payment, share, help, histories, as driver, sign out
User can view his profile
Update profile
User can edit his profile: name, phone, email, address, description
Register as driver
Any passenger can register as a Driver (after approved by admin)
This screen is about user's payment: deposit, redeem, transfer, histories
Deposit with PayPal and Stripe (Card)
Users can make online deposit with PayPal or Stripe (Card) method
User can withdraw from balance to their PayPal address
User can transfer balance to other users
Payment histories
User can track every transaction made in the past
Trip histories
User can review every trip which was made in the past