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Social Real Estate App Template

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Real Estate App is completed template in native source code of either android or ios that help you build social real estate apps on Android, iOS. An user not only browse for others' real estates but also can post his own real estate to the app. He has to pay amount of money to the app owner to subscribe his real estate on the app. The app owner can manage all at the web-based backend which is PHP script. We are available if you want to customize this source code to meet your specific needs.


Normal user:
  • Browse and search real estates for rent or sale
  • View real estate detal
  • Add real estate to favorite
  • Show location on map
  • Real estate news
  • View list of agents
  • Contact an agent

Agent user:
  • Which is an agent who can add new real estate
  • Pay amount of money to the app owner to subscribe the real estate on app
  • Manage his subscriptions and real estates on app
  • Manage messages sent by other users

Back-end Features
  • The app owner can moderate content at web-based backend which is coded in PHP script

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Android Application Video demo

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Available Themes

Theme: Default

Side Menus
Side menus include home, search, news, bookmarks and about us
Home screen
List all apartment rental news sorted by created date
Apartment detail
This screen allows user to review the information of an apartment
Contact agent and Add favorite
When viewing the apartment, user can contact the agent or add to his favorite list
Search and filter apartments
This screen allows user to search and filter suitable apartment easily
News & Events
User can read news & events which are relevant to real estate
Agents list
Agents list helps user to find a specific agent and his posts
Contact an agent
User can contact an agent by sending his message via a form
User can add more than one apartments to his favorite list
Login for a public user to be an agent who is able to post apartment rental information
Register screen
This screen allows user to register an account on the app
Side Menus for an agent
After a public user logined as an agent, he can access to agent side menus which include Add new property, Manage properties, My messages, Logout
My account screen
After login, the agent can modify his account information
Add apartment screen
The agent after login is able to add apartment rental information
Add apartment screen
The agent after login is able to add apartment rental information
Manage apartments information
The agent after login can manage his apartments information via this screen
Edit property
This screen allows user to edit infomation
Subscribe an apartment
The agent must pay amount of money to subscribe his apartment to be available on the app. The subscription can be 1, 3, 6, 12 months long