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Quiz Game Template

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Quiz game template is completed game template in native source code for either android or ios that help you build amazing quiz app. User can play quiz from various categories which are inserted by admin at backend. User has to buy if user wants to play more categories. User can play 1vs1 with other player under multiple player mode. User can view ranks and scores in game center. The game has beautiful skin that attracts millions of players


  • Add unlimited categories 
  • Timer based and non-Timer based categories 
  • Set questions play limit for category 
  • Choose theme color for your category 
  • InApp purchase to unlock categories and more? 

  • Add unlimited questions 
  • 4 Options type - question with media types a) Only text b) Picture c) Audio d) Video 
  • True/False type - question with media types a) Only text b) Picture c) Audio d) Video 
  • Shuffle answers 
  • Highlight correct answer when answered wrong - ON/OFF 

Scoring & multiplayer 
  • All scores and achievements are managed on Game Centre 
  • Turn based quiz -Multiplayer 1 to 1 allows you to play quiz by challenging your friends and any random mate. Once your turn is over opponent has to play for the final results. Win/Lose leaderboard and related achievements are added. 

Other features 
  • Color themed categories 
  • Background music 
  • Tap sounds 
  • Timer/Non-Timer based scoring - ON/OFF 
  • Can have categories or even play quiz without categories 
  • In App purchase for removing ads and buying categories

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Android Demo

iOS Demo

Theme: Default

User can navigate to play quiz, play vs friend, buy more categories and view score board
User can play quiz which are grouped by various categories
Playing Quiz
User is playing quiz with the countdown timer
Right Answer
The option will go green if it is the right answer
Wrong Answer
The option will go red if it is a wrong answer
High Score
User can view his high score for each category
User can turn off sounds or quiz explanation
More Categories
There are more categories to play and user need to purchase to play
Multiple Player
User can play with friend.
Win a Match
When user wins his match against his opponent
User can review his score and ranking in Game Center