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Music MP3 App Template

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Music mp3 is completed app template in native source code of either android or ios that help you build very nice music apps on smartphones. The songs, authors, categories are managed by PHP Backend using Yii framework. We are available if you want to hire us to customize this source code for you.


App Features
  • Categories: songs are categorized for easier browsing such as Pop, Rock, Jazz, etc.
  • Search: search songs by song and singer name
  • Top songs: latest or featured songs
  • Download, share, set ringtone: to alarm, contact, default ringtone, notification
  • Sort by: view, download, date
  • Play list: allow user create play list in his devices
  • About: describe about the app author
  • Good apps: redirecting to google plays introducing other apps of this app owner
  • Load more: to paging the song list
  • ADMOB integared

Backend Features
  • Manage songs, singers, composers, categories at website-based backend

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Android Application Video demo

iOS Application Video demo

Theme: Default

Side Menu
Side Menu includes Top Songs, Nomination, Categories, Playlist, Search, Good app, Settings, Exit App
Top song
The screen shows all top songs
Sort by Name, Download, Date
Right click on the top right icon to sort songs by name, download, date
List songs
The screen shows list of songs with Song name and Singer info.
Song Player
The screen allows users to play, pause or resume the song. Users can also go to next or previous song in the list
Set ringtone
Click on the right top icon to open menus of setting ringtone, share, download, etc
List current song
During playing a song, users can also browse other songs in the same list.
Song Categories
This screen shows all song categories. The categories are managed at the backend
This screen shows all albums.
Player List
The app allows users to save their favorite songs in the player list which is saved in the device.
Search Screen
The app allows users to search for songs name or singers.
About us
This screen will display information introduction of the company.
Web-based Admin Backend Site
The songs, singers, composers are managed at web-based backend in PHP language
The songs, singers, composers are managed at web-based backend in PHP language