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Multiple Restaurants App Template + Hot chilly Theme

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Multi restaurant is completed app template in native source code of either android/ios that help you build multiple social restaurants ordering apps on android/ios phones. Users can find available food, drinks and restaurants around their standings. There can be many restaurant owners who have their own accounts to manage food, drinks, order, etc. An admin is able to manage those owner accounts at the backend. The backend is website-based which is in PHP script. We are available for all support, reskin and customization request. You can preview one of our reskin themes in the ‘Available Theme’ section

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App Features
  • Browse restaurants, food or drinks by location
  • Each restaurant has its own food and drinks.
  • Easy access to promotions, special deal, daily menus of each restaurant
  • Add to cart, make order of different restaurants at the same time
  • Map integrated for direction
  • User can comment, review and rate restaurant or food, drinks
  • Payment method: Cash on Delivery
  • User can report a bad restaurant

Backend Features
  • Each restaurant owner will have his own account by registering on the backend
  • The owner can manage his restaurant’s menus, categories, promotions, tax, shipping, finance and orders at the backend
  • Admin manages multiple restaurant owner’s accounts

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Android Application Video demo

iOS Application Video demo

Available Themes

FREE PSD: You can download the PSD files of this theme by filling the Request Demo form.
ORDER NOTE: After your purchase, it will take us 1 ~ 3 weeks to deliver the theme-updated source codes.

Theme: Hot chilly

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Login Screen
The user must login to making orders. The user's information will be filled in payment information.
Home screen
Home screen lists restaurants near your place. It also shows day menu of those restaurant on the screen
Search menus
List of menus after search
Search restaurants
List of restaurants after search
Menu Categories
The restaurant menus are grouped into categories. The categories are managed at the backend by restaurant owner
Food detail
After tab on the menu on list, the detail shows list of review
Restaurant Detail
Restaurant detail information shows after user selects a restaurant. This screen allows user to access restaurant's menus, opening hours, promotion and contact info.
The screen shows list of review
Cart Order Screen
The cart order screen allows user to manage selected menus such as deducting, add quantity
My cart
The screen shows up with the oder button allows user to order this menu
After an user login, he will can edit his account information, see his order histories, send feedback.
User can track his order histories to see the orders' status

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