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ePublish: market place for digital

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E-Publish is completed app template in native source codes in android and ios, which helps you build a great market place platform for publishers & buyers to trade digital content : eBook (PDF, ePUB), photos (images), MP3 (music, audio book), Video (clip, movie), Blog (text) or Embed, etc. Buyers subscribes, login then search for suitable content, make payment via PayPal before accessing it. Publishers add content and purchases from web-based backend. Admin earns commission for each purchase


Buyer (uses App):

  • Content type: PDF, ePUB, Text, HTML, Photo, MP3, Video, Outside URL, Embed, etc.
  • Subscribe: Users register and login to app to find product
  • Home screen: show latest product
  • Search: search product by title or publisher name
  • Categories: content is grouped by categories
  • Publishers: user can search and filter publisher
  • Payment: user buys content via PayPal before accessing
  • Chapters: each content has multiple chapters (episodes), each chapter is one of above content
  • My purchases: user can access all content that is purchased before

Publisher (uses web-based backend):

  • Publisher login to backend to manage product, chapters, categories and audience’ purchases
  • Publisher can change price of each content

Admin (app owner uses web-based backend):

  • Control buyers & publishers registration
  • Approve/reject content that publisher posts
  • Set commission rate for each purchase
  • Manually payout to publisher after commission 

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Android demoiOS demo

Theme: Default

Show latest/ features digital products that are posted by publishers
Home (list view vs grid view)
Switch between grid view & list view for easier browsing
User can search & sort for products by title, categories and sub-categories
Side menus
User can navigate to Home, Search, Category, Publisher, Bookmark, Settings and Abouts
Side menus after login
After login, user can access his profile, purchases, favorite publishers. And he can request to become publisher
Product Detail
When tap on a product, the first screen is overview giving a short description about the product
Product Chapter
Each product has multiple chapters or episodes. Each chapter/episode is a content type: PDF, ePUB, html, text, photo, video, audio, embed, etc.
Product Review
User can write his review on the product. He can also view other users' review
All Publishers
User can browse & search for specific publisher
Publisher Overview
User can read short description about the publisher via Overview screen
Publisher Review
User can read all reviews that are posted for specific publisher
Chapter Detail
Each product has multiple chapters/episodes. Each chapter/episode is a content type: PDF, ePUB, Text, HTML, Photo, Audio, Video or Embed
Chapter Comment
User can leave his comment on specific chapter
Sign up/ Register
User signs up/ registers to access the app
User logins to access the app
Products are grouped into multiple categories & sub categories
User can turn on/off notification or clear cache (downloaded file)
Backend for publisher
Publisher logins to web-based backend to add products, manage purchases and request payout
Publisher logins to web-based backend to add products, manage purchases and request payout