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Car Rental App Template

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Car Rental App is completed app template in native source code of either android or iOS that help you build outstanding mobile app for your car rental business. It has important features such as searching cars by pick up and drop off information, select multiple options, pay service by paypal, contact by direct call. The data is managed at website-based Backend which is coded in PHP script


App Features
  • Search cars by providing Pick Up and Drop Off information
  • View car detail information
  • Book cars with multiple options
  • Call to contact
  • Online payment via Paypal

Backend Features
  • Manage cars' features, vendors, orders at website-based backend

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Theme: Default

Step 1: Search Car
This screen allows users search cars by Pick up, Drop off location and Pickup Date
Step 2: Select Car
After searching cars, a list is presented. Then user selects a car that he likes
Step 2: filter car
User can filter car for quicker search
Step 2: Car detail
User taps on car photo to view detail before picking that car
Step 3: select car options
After choosing a car, users will select options such as extra foods, drinks, etc.
Step 4: confirm booking orders
After 3 steps, user will be ask to confirm what he has just selected
Step 4: Fill customer information
The user is asked to fill customer information. Then he will choose either call or online payment via paypal
Pay via Paypal
If user selects Paypal payment method, a payment screen is presented allowing user to enter Paypal account