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Bus Ticket Booking App Template

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Bus ticket booking is completed app template in native source code of either android or ios. The app is for travelers to reserve bus seat online. Bus stops and trips can easily be added and managed on the website backend. Guests can connect 24/7 with website frontend or their smartphone or tablet devices. Bus booking is easily customizable to accommodate your specific needs. Please contact us to request for Proposal including Features, Screenshot, Videos, Technical & Quotation information. The platform includes solutions from Web frontend, Android, iOS app and Web backend in PHP.


Search Bus

With this platform, you can easy to search bus for your travels with two types: One way & Round trip by station locations, departure date and return date and passenger go with.

Online Bus Booking & Payment

The platform uses the Paypal payment gateway for online payment feature, allow customers pay with Credit Card.
Easy to customize

After purchase, you can change the interface of website and mobile app, config this platform to your own. You can also easy to customize or develop more features.

Website Backend by Yii PHP Framework

Our back-end is built under Yii PHP framework with management features: bus stations, trips, booking ...

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Android Application Video demo

iOS Application Video demo

Theme: Default

Home screen
Side Menu includes Near Me, News, Promotions, Today Trips, My trips, About us
Round trip
The screen is a form where users will input searching criteria such as: Round, Departure and return date.
One way
The screen is a form where users will input searching criteria such as: Oneway, Departure.
Choose bus stop
This screen allows users to select the bus stop stations. Users can select bus stop via Google map
Search trip result
This screen shows lists of trips found after using Searching screen.
Trip detail
This screen confirms information of departure and destination bus stop station that users select.
Book ticket
This screen allows users to input their information for ticket booking.
Near me
Users can search for bus stop stations by navigating google Maps.
User can read news & events
News detail
This screen allows user to read news detail
This screen shows promotion information.
Today trips
This screen shows all trips will go on today
My trips
This screen shows all of the current trips
About us
This screen allows user to send message